Review: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is Lewis Carroll’s classic novel. As a child the Disney movie about this world never was my favorite, tha’s why I decided to read it and see if Carroll’s writing was capable of change my mind about it.

Alice is a little girl laying down in her sister’s lap at the garden, she starts feeling very bored and sleepy, so she peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it did not caught Alice’s attention. After all, what is the use of a book without pictures? Suddenly, she saw a White Rabbit running and saying to itself “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!”, but for Alice that wasn’t  remarkable, not even a little unusual.

I already knew these awkward moments in the story - but really Alice? Oh, I’m sorry, of course is very normal see a rabbit running and saying things. One is passing by me right now.

And I know that story was written for kids, but even they have some sense of reality.  Alice just convince herself that something about that was very strange when the rabbit took a watch out of its waist-coat-pocket. And she thinks that is a good idea to follow the rabbit a hole down and here, as everyone should know, the plot begins.

I have to confess that I did not change my mind about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, for me it’s just too awkward and throughout the tale I just thought “Oh, my god! Alice is an annoying child!”.  Over the entire book she just cried and intruded where she should not. However, Lewis Carroll’s writing is high quality and easy to engage, I would consider reading another one of his. But, PLEASE, take Alice’s head off!

Não entendeu nada? Então traduz aqui ó: 

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Nível: fácil

peeped - espiar
pop - dispara
hedge - cerca
well - poço
plenty - bastante
cupboards - armários
labelled - rotulado
tumbling - caiu / tombou
among - entre
cursey - reverência
fancy - imaginação
dozing - cochilando
heap - pilha
sticks - vara
corner - canto
at any rate - de qualquer forma/maneira
curtain - cortina
inches - polegadas
delight - prazer
knelt - ajoelhou-se
longed - ansiava
indeed - de fato
burnt - queimado
unpleasant - desagradável
red-hot poker - ferro em brasa
custard - creme
toffe - caramelo
shrink - encolher
further - mais 
slippery - escorregadio
seldom - raramente
box - socar
ought - deveria
fan - leque
savage - castigado

scurried - correu
queer - estranho
tail - calda
cheerfully - alegremente
grin - sorrir ironicamente
jaws - maxilas
burst - explosão
hastily - apressadamente
narrow - estreito
chin - queixo
lodging - alojamento
quiver - tremer
fur - pêlo
clinging - grudando
dripping - pingando
sulky - emburrada
pebbles - pedregulhos
sharp - cortante
tiptoe - na ponta dos pés
caterpillar - lagarta
chysalis - casulo
branches - ramos
nibbling - mordiscando
knuckles - juntas (subs.)
entagled - emaranhado
muttered  - murmurou
leaning - debruçado
stirring - mexendo
howled - gritou
axes - eixo
elbows - cotovelos
riddles - charadas
hedgehogs - ouriços
tortoise - tartaruga
whiting - lagosta
shrimp - camarão


3 comentários:

  1. Babi, I will follow you on the playing and coment in english too. But you'll have to wait a minute 'cause that rabbit is passing by me now. Seems it's very late to be in somewhere else, I hope it can find the hole in my backyard...

    Ok, been serious now, I never read or even watched the movie. I know the story because of others, in fact I've never cared much about. However someday I'm going to certainly read the book, it's a classic and I love to read classics. Other thing that I liked was the idea of yours, to write in english! It was amazing!

    Gossip Girl hahaha

    P.S.: Please try to not give too much atention to my errors.

    1. Hi, Taci!

      I loved your comment! That's the idea, practice English! :)

      I didn't love Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it's worth just for being a classic book

      Gossip Girl ♥ ;p

  2. kkkk, eu não vou me meter a comentar em inglês porque a unica coisa que eu faço bem é ler em inglês, para escrever eu sou uma negação completa.
    Enfim, Alice é um clássico né, mas me mate... eu nunca li. :O
    Beijos Babi




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